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For info about enrolling in high school for the 2016-17 year, please download this informative powerpoint presentation by clicking on the slide below.

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About High School Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year…

Neighborhood Schools

  • Students who live within the boundaries of a particular high school have automatic enrollment rights to the school’s GENERAL PROGRAM.
  • Parents do not have to go through any particular process to enroll in their general neighborhood high school program.


Open Enrollment

  • SCUSD has a process called Open Enrollment. OE is an application/lottery system to allow students the ability to go to a high school outside of their neighborhood/attendance area.
  • The online application for incoming middle and high school students will be available…


Open Enrollment Lottery

Open Enrollment is not a first-come, first-serve basis. Open Enrollment uses a computerized lottery system to place students at their school of choice. A lottery must be implemented if applications exceed the grade capacity at the requested school. If your child isn’t selected during this step, he/she will be placed on a waiting list for his/her first choice.


Specialty Programs

  • SCUSD High Schools have a variety of specialty programs
  • Linked Learning Night: Thursday, October 29, 2015 from 5:00-7:00 pm. CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Popular Application Programs: West Campus, CKM HISP, Kennedy PACE, Rosemont LEAD.


C.K. McClatchy High School – HISP

The Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP), founded in 1985, is a rigorous honors program located at C.K. McClatchy High School.  The curriculum, a unique global perspective on learning and understanding, prepares HISP students for success at any college or university in the country.  Over the four years, HISP students are immersed in college level literary works and ideas.  Beyond using standard school texts, HISP teachers supplement their teaching with in-depth passages and narratives from some of the most respected writers and historians of our age.  HISP students are required to read and analyze acclaimed literature and discover how the themes relate to history and culture.

The program is structured in a four year sequence that includes a literature and composition course and a complementary social science course in each year.

College success is where HISP students shine the brightest.  HISP has a phenomenal track record of having its students accepted into some of the best colleges and universities in the nation, including the University of California system (where admission rates are 2 to 4 times higher than the the general rate of admission) and the top private colleges and universities in the country including Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, MIT, NYU and the Claremont Colleges, to name just a few.

Outside the classroom, HISP student learning continues through attendance at a variety of live performances and cultural events, visits to museums, and via world travel.  Additionally, HISP students annually provide more than 10,000 hours of service to the community through hospitals, food closets, nursing homes and other worthwhile community-based organizations.

Please join us for the following events:

(All details also at www.ckmhisp.org)

–Monday, October 24:  Evening Information Session, 6-7 p.m. McClatchy Gymnasium

–Thursday, October 27 and Friday, October 28Visitation Days:  Come to campus either day and see classes in session, 8:45.a.m. to Noon (No reservation needed. Parking available on 7th and 8th Ave.) McClatchy Main Entrance

Important Application Dates:                 

Online Applications available:
November 1, 2016

Applications DUE:
Friday, January 24, 2017

Essay Sessions:
Saturday, January 21, 2017 8:00am McClatchy Library
Or  Wednesday, January 25, 2017 3:00 pm McClatchy Library

Open Enrollment:
January 10 – January 24:   www.scusd.edu


Email HISP Coordinator, Ellen Wong:   ellen-wong@scusd.edu


West Campus

Visitation Days

Sign-ups are required for visitations
West Campus Main Office: 277-6400
Visitation days include a presentation, question and answer session, and campus tours

  • December 7th (9:10am to 10:10am) Contact the front office to sign-up
  • December 14th (11:10am to 12:15pm) Contact the front office to sign-up
  • December 21st (10:15 am to 11:15am) Contact the front office to sign-up
  • January 11th (1 pm to 2 pm) Contact the front office to sign-up
West Campus Applications    

Available on-line on December 1st (westcampus.scusd.edu)

Mock PSAT Testing

December 10th or December 17th 9 am – 12 noon (All applicants must test on one of these dates) – Check in begins at 8 am

Open Enrollment    

*Only for students who live in the Sacramento Unified School District*

On-line application- January 10th (8am) – January 24th (5pm) at District website (http://www.scusd.edu/open-enrollment)

Walk-in open enrollment application at the Enrollment Center Serna Center located at 5735 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95824:

  • January 18th 9am-3pm
  • January 19th 12pm-5pm
  • January 20th 9am-11am

Out of District Students are not eligible for enrollment through the District lottery.  If they receive a qualifying score on their West Campus application they will receive a letter regarding interest in placement on our waiting list. If admitted they will need an Inter-District Permit from the District in which they reside to attend West Campus.

West Campus Applications Due  1/24/2017

All West Campus applications will be submitted online.  All late applications will not be immediately reviewed. If qualified they will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.


Kennedy PACE

Visitation Days (Thursdays, November 10th & 17th, 8:30am-Noon )
  • No reservation needed
  • You may park anywhere in the student lot
  • All students must be accompanied by an adult. In the auditorium you will attend an orientation and receive a program listing rooms, teachers, and classes open for visitation.
  • Visitors are not required to stay for the entire visitation period: 8:30am-Noon.
Open House (Monday, November 14th, 6:00pm, Auditorium)
  • Watch debates, Socratic seminars, experiments, recitations
  • Talk to current PACE students and parents
  • Sit in on lessons

Program in America and California Explorations (PACE) is a small learning community at John F. Kennedy High School.  PACE offers students a four-year advanced academic program.  The goal is to ensure that all PACE students are prepared to attend and succeed at competitive four-year colleges and universities.  Each PACE student takes a rigorous college-prep curriculum (including Advanced Placement and honors classes in English, history, science, math, and foreign language) and uniquely designed English and history courses with an emphasis on California history, government, and literature, emphasizing writing across the curriculum.  The first item college and university admissions counselors look at is a student’s GPA in conjunction with the rigor and challenge of his or her course schedule.

  • Small Community of Learners – PACE students get the best of both worlds:  PACE English and Social Science classes are pure PACE students and are grouped together in one part of the campus so students benefit from a close-knit environment, yet have access to all the benefits of a large school.  Part of the PACE program includes opportunities for teambuilding and new friendships.  
  • Access to Extensive Advanced Placement Curriculum – PACE encourages students to take advantage of the wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) classes that JFK has to offer.  PACE students are required to take AP World History their sophomore year, AP English Language and Composition their junior year, and AP Government their senior year.  In addition, PACE juniors choose between AP US History or Honors US History their junior year.  Remember, the first item college and university admissions counselors look at is a student’s A-G requirements GPA in conjunction with the rigor of his or her class schedule.  Students are encouraged to take additional AP classes choosing from the many offered at JFK, such as biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, English literature and composition, Spanish, Latin, Chinese and many more.
  • Summer Program for Incoming Ninth-Graders – The PACE experience begins on the campus of California State University Sacramento with a mandatory enrichment program designed for incoming freshmen.  The four classes center on activities in literature, geography, and writing.  The summer program provides a unique opportunity for PACE students to establish friendships, work with PACE faculty and begin the transition to high school.
  • School Year Field Trips – During their four years in PACE, students attend one or more field trips per year.  Field trips have included university tours, live theatrical productions, history and art museum visits, state park outings, and explorations of historical sites.  Also, out of the region field trips (such as tours of East coast colleges, Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival, Europe, Asia, and South America) are offered.  
  • Book Club – PACE encourages its students to read widely and to explore new literary horizons.  During their freshman and sophomore years, PACE students participate in several small-group book clubs led by community volunteers.  This allows an opportunity for detailed discussion of works of important and popular literature (fiction and nonfiction) in an informal setting.  Some book club groups read works by local authors and, in some cases, the authors have visited the book groups.  This includes the late Eva Rutland, author of When We Were Colored and Naida West, author of River of Red Gold.  When PACErs read Zeitoun by Dave Eggars, Mr Eggars spoke at JFK and signed PACE student’s books.

Please visit the PACE website at www.jfkpace.org for more information about the PACE Program.



Other Popular Small Schools (not neighborhood schools)

  • The Met-Visit the Met
  • Health Professions-Open Enrollment
  • School of Engineering and Science-Open Enrollment
  • Benjamin Carver Waldorf-Open Enrollment
  • New Technology-Open Enrollment


Important Notes

  • Encourage students to choose schools that meet their needs. Visit, research, ask questions.
  • Read each website and application carefully.
  • Be sure to apply to Open Enrollment AND fill out any applicable applications if needed.
  • Know your neighborhood.


Other Info