After School Support & Academics

Homework Help

Mon, Tues & Wed | 2:15 – 3:15pm | Cal Library (Begins Sept. 21)

Math Tutoring

2:15 – 3:15pm (Begins Sept. 21)

7th Grade
Mon: Ruddick – Room 2
Tues: Hankins – Room 18
Wed: Ruddick – Room 2

8th Grade
Mon: Nedich – Room 38
Tues: Gilliam – Room 4
Wed: Nedich – Room 38

After School Education & Safety (ASES)

Monday thru Friday |  2:15-6:00pm
Program Coordinator: Pauline Posadas

After School Education & Safety is a partnership between your school, The Sacramento City Unified School District and the Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center (The Center). This collaborative effort provides a safe environment, academic support, enrichment and family engagement opportunities for your child and family.

ASES is a free program for all students, and all students are eligible. Students or parents may pick up an application at the front office. Applications are accepted all year long, but please note that due to space limitations your student(s) might be placed on a waiting list.

The ASES program at Cal Middle offers various educational and fun activities for your student(s). Monthly activities will be theme-based and include: Daily Academic Help, Literacy Development, Science and Math Activities, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Nutrition Education,Mentoring, Cooking, Athletics, and Life Skills Instruction.

Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement (MESA)

Mondays | 2:15-3:15pm | Ms. Aguilar/Ms. Butterfield – Room 15

MESA is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective academic development program.

MESA is open to all 7th and 8th grade students who are interested in enriching their math, science and engineering abilities, and school academic achievement.

Cal Clubs

Crazy Contraptions

Tuesdays | 2:15-3:15pm | Ms. Butterfield – Room 17

In this club, students learn about Rube Goldberg, a cartoonist (among other things) who drew pictures of ‘machines’ that help a person do something simple in a complicated way. We will be building our own crazy contraptions based on his works.


Mondays | 2:15-3:15pm | Mr. Kersey – Room 35

Girls Who Code

Wednesdays | 2:15-3:15pm | Ms. Aguilar – Room 15

Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization leading the movement to inspire educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to purse 21st century opportunities.

Land Park Rangers

Wednesdays | 2:15-3:15pm | Mr. Kersey – Room 35


Tuesdays | 2:15-3:15pm | Mr. Bostock – Room 39

Cal Mathletes - Supervisor: Mr. Bostock. Sept 2015.

Cal Mathletes. Sept 2015.

Mathlete Winner - Thomas Guelker. Sept 2015.

Mathlete Winner – Thomas Guelker. Sept 2015.


Wednesdays | 2:15-3:15pm | Mrs. Vigil – Room 24


Tuesdays | 2:15-3:15pm |Mr. Valdes – Room 34

The yearbook will go on sale in January. Our yearbook is a 56-page, hardcover, full color yearbook. To encourage early purchases (which helps lower the overall price, allows for an increased order when necessary, and keeps the club out of the red) the yearbook will sell for $20 in January/February, $23 in March/April, and $25 in May/June. We generally sell out, so it is a good idea to order well before June.

The Yearbook Club is open to all students. The club meets once-a-week in the fall and winter, but it increases meetings closer to our due-date in March. Students will have the opportunity to learn photography techniques and graphic design. Students are required to meet deadlines. Generally, each member is assigned (or can pick) a partner. The partnerships are then assigned pages to complete for the yearbook. They complete all aspects of the page from text copy, photographs, backgrounds, fonts etc. The yearbook is completed on-line, so in addition to our regular meetings, club members can work from home.